Price list

Gordon Roadster Base 2024

Selling price excluding VAT

71 990 EUR

Basic equipment:

Base coat - black, green, blue, red
Radiator grille + bumpers black gloss
Steel wheels
Pneu 205/55 R16
Sparco Sanremo flywheel D355xD25/40
Black/brown leather interior
Classic GT seats - composite
Standard exhaust silencer
RetroSound car radio
Inner rear-view mirror

Elements on request:

Cannot add elements on request

Gordon Roadster TOP 2024

Selling price excluding VAT

89 000 EUR

Basic equipment:

Two-colour painting - Metallic paint
Radiator grille + bumpers chrome
Wire discs 5 pcs
Tyres with white stripe
Nardi Volant Classic Wood ND360    
Black/brown leather interior
Seats König CP200
Black fabric roof
Standard exhaust silencer
Root wood bubinga pommele mat
Upholstered tipping box
High-pile carpet
Black side windows

Elements on request:

Nappa leather 5 000 EUR
Other wood dashboard 2 000 EUR
Different roof colour 2 500 EUR
Tuned exhaust silencer 2 000 EUR
Different side window colour 1 600 EUR


Payment conditions:

  • Deposit 70% of the purchase price payable within 7 days of signing the purchase contract
  • Additional payment 30% of the purchase price payable before handover of the car

Prices are without VAT.
Payment in another currency according to the daily CNB exchange rate.

Delivery time:
6 to 12 months depending on the complexity of production

Price list valid from 8.11.2023

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