GORDON Roadster sports car

GORDON is a powerful and elegant two-seater roadster with a folding roof for customers with their own style. Behind the wheel, you'll experience the driving experience of the golden age of motoring with the comfort of today's vehicles. Rest assured, you won't go anywhere without being noticed and receiving admiring glances from those around you.

What the Gordon Roadster has to offer:

The Gordon roadster is a fast and lively sports car with an excellent technical characteristics and driving the car is a unique experience where you can enjoy the feelings of drivers from the "golden age" of motoring in the comfort of today's cars. We can assure you that you won't go anywhere without attracting attention and admiring glances from those around you. A new era is now dawning. 

Perfect interior

  • original design of the dashboard controls
  • original design of the swivel hinges of the fabric roof mechanism
  • elegant interior
  • handcrafted
  • original upholstery
  • quality leather
  • original leather stitching
  • NARDI luxury steering wheel
  • audio system

Unique eye for detail

  • balanced body proportions, elegant shape of doors, front and rear wings
  • elegant exterior and interior body details
  • custom design of door and bonnet handles, fuel filler cap (bronze castings, chrome finish)
  • custom-designed chrome bumper covers
  • custom design of dashboard controls, custom design of fabric roof swivel hinges
  • wheels with wire mesh
  • tyres with elegant whitewall trim

Unmissable design

  • Czech coachbuilding school of the early 1930s
  • Inspiration from the design of the Aero 30/50 Roadster
  • Gordon exclusivity resulting from the small number of cars produced to date
  • balanced body proportions, elegant shape of doors, front and rear fenders
  • elegant exterior and interior body details
  • custom design of door handles and bonnets, fuel filler cap (cast bronze, chrome finish)

GORDON is unique

  • custom car production
  • individual body colours
  • original leather colours
  • stunning performance
  • quality service

"GORDON" is unique, just like you! Each car is made according to your wishes, you can choose from a very wide range of optional equipment, as well as body and interior colours. In your life you must have already passed a large number of cars so you have a clear idea how your new darling should looks like.  We will document the progress of your car's production and give you photo documentation of the entire production process when you hand over your car. Each vehicle is a unique handmade creation, but there is no need to worry about any repairs as all important parts such as the engine, transmission, brakes and other elements are supplied by reputable manufacturers, thus guaranteeing the repairability of the car virtually anywhere in the world. All other original parts are designed to be repairable and possibly remanufacturable by a skilled technician in a regular auto body shop. Every "GORDON" car produced is delivered to you after the car has been driven approximately 1,000 km, when a thorough test and adjustment of the car is carried out. We are confident in our work, so your GORDON has a two-year warranty period. To maintain your convenience we address any problems with your car at your location with a personal visit from a service technician.

Additional equipment

To drive your roadster in style, you can choose from a wide range of accessories

  • period clothing
  • leather hood for the head
  • company jacket
  • sports equipment
  • classic glasses
  • leather gloves
  • pipe
  • leather luggage case
  • golf club bag

Everything is marked with the "GORDON" logo. These accessories are from an exclusive limited series.

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Become unmissable, become part of the Gordon Roadster legend.
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